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Where do we find the libraries of splunkjs like "splunkjs/mvc/searchmanager"


Where do we find the libraries of splunkjs like "splunkjs/mvc/searchmanager" , "splunkjs/mvc/tableview"
how many libraries are there? and what all methods are defined in those libraries?

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I know this is not becomes obvious immediately, and I ran into the same problem. So I'm documenting it here, hoping that it will help someone.



all these libraries come as a part of the following config.js file, located at
splunkjsstack/static/splunkjs/config.js. Don't change the path in the following deps array, in the example. Just the path to the config needs to be changed, according to your folder structure.

deps = [

You can find the documentation about these files in config.js itself. Just search for the filename and that will lead you to the implementation. Which has inline documentation.


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I think you're looking for but unfortunately it isn't complete or exhaustive.

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