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What is the best browser and its associated requirements for Splunk web ?


Hello everybody,

I got a problem with my browser IE when entering Splunk web, it's so long to respond to me. Can you suggest which browser is the best(speed and no have a lof of error of resolution for Splunk dashboard) and its associated information (version, flash...) ?

Just more a small question, Universal forwarder(UF) and light forwarder ? which is better, and for what situation,requirement ? although i knew that the suggested on the website is UF, but not really clearly.


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I always use FireFox where possible, it also has Firebug which can be used for debugging and assisting in CSS modifications as it allows you to test changes on the fly (but not commiting them).

Universal forwarder is the really light-weight installation, and will have a smaller system foot-print. All it will do is forward the target data on to the indexer, it will not do any parsing or filtering etc. And importantly in some cases does not come packaged with Python, so if you use python for data collection you will need to install python seperately. Light forwarder obviously has these capabilities included. Depending on the use-case I prefer Light forwarder as it is basically a full installation with bits turned off, this allows for more functionality and less hassle in the long run. Obviously some situations don't allow for this, i.e. where a very small system footprint is required.



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