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Template inheritance in Splunk Django not working in Production

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I'm having some trouble with the Django inheritance on my test/production environment Splunk instances. I'm using Splunk 6.3.1 with a 3 SHs cluster architecture.
I have a base_app defined with all the styles and dashboards, and my_app which inherits some of the code of the base_app.

Within django/baseapp/templates/configurationpanels i have an html with a table, called riesgo.html, which draws a table with background colors.
I have the same structure in django/myapp/templates/configurationpanels with the file riesgo.html too wich draws a table without background colors.

The problem here and the weird thing is that, having the same files (for both the baseapp and myapp) in the testing environment and in production, Splunk is drawing the myapp/riesgo.html (one without background colors) file. And, with THE SAME files in production, Splunk is, however, drawing the baseapp/riesgo.html (the one with background colors) file.

My question here is: why is happening that? Is there an explicit way to tell Splunk's Django to use the son's file instead of the parent's?
I don't understand why, if I'm uploading THE SAME repository in test and pro, in test uses the "good" file and in pro uses the paren'ts base file.

Thank you very much.


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