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Splunklib.client: request failed session is not logged in


Edit: I am using the correct token, it's my instance that's wrong. This instance is on my local machine for easy development. My other two servers work fine. I moved my app over to my test server, and it works fine.

Building my own rest handler which accesses storage_passwords. I assume I'm using the wrong token? I don't know the structure of "self" here.


import splunk, base64, sys, os, time, json, re, shutil, subprocess, platform, logging, logging.handlers
from splunk.persistconn.application import PersistentServerConnectionApplication
import splunklib.client as client

class req(PersistentServerConnectionApplication):
    def __init__(self, command_line, command_arg):

    def handle(self, in_string):
        authtoken = json.loads(in_string)["session"]["authtoken"]
        service = client.connect(token=authtoken)
        storage_passwords = service.storage_passwords




Hardcoding the credentials, I just get "login failed". I'm thinking this is related to my other post Browsing 8089, I also cannot log on with any credential.

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