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Splunklib Python SDK doesn't pass Splunk 8.x Upgrade Readiness App Checker

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Hi All,

I'm in the process of upgrading this app to be 8.x compatible -

Now this app used the Python Splunklib SDK so I also downloaded the latest from here and replaced it -

I've got it working and it passes appinspect


Only problem is it doesn't pass Splunk's 8.x Upgrade Readiness Checker App -


The culprit seems to be the latest splunklib Python SDK. I'm sure it will be fine just thought I would ping the devs to either fix the warnings or get the Upgrade Readiness devs to exclude the warnings for splunklib.


An example of one of the warnings. I'd attach the full JSON output but this forum doesn't seem to allow attachments.


Edit: Full repo of updated app including the results from both app inspect and Upgrade Readiness checker :

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