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Splunk REST api to retrieve proper JSON using Python

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I am able to make a POST call to export end point and getting the search results. I am using Python requests library.
The result is not in proper Json. It returns multiple JSON with preview object. I would like to know how to avoid "preview" to be returned from the response. OR how to overcome the below error? I guess the error is due to the response not in proper Json format.
Appreciate any pointers.


Here is the code snippet.

response =, data=xxxx, headers=headers,verify=False)
print("Status = "+str(response.status_code) )
print("response text = "+str(response.text))
json_data = json.loads(str(r.text))

Sample output

response text = {"preview":true,"offset":0,"lastrow":true,"result":{"_time":"2019-10-09 21:12:00.131 UTC","event_guid":"xxxxxxx","event_category":"WEB","event_workflow":"xxxxx","event_subcategory":"xxxxx"}}
{"preview":true,"offset":0,"lastrow":true,"result":{"_time":"2019-10-09 21:36:06.752 UTC","event_guid":"xxxxxxx-","event_category":"WEB","event_workflow":"xxxxx","event_subcategory":"xxxx"}}
{"preview":false,"offset":0,"result":{"_time":"2019-10-09 21:12:00.131 UTC","event_guid":"xxxx-","event_category":"WEB","event_workflow":"xxxx","event_subcategory":"xxxxx"}}

and so on.. The last command json.loads gives the below error:
I tried without str(). still not working.
Extra data: line 2 column 1 (char 219)

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