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Hi Experts,

For an app creation, I need to create my own .conf file. Please inform me How I create a custom conf file, and how I read and write data in that conf file using Python.
Please inform me where I can learn Splunk Python packages, better if it in present in any youtube channel.

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hi Arun,

Your question is very broad, but I will try to answer it as specific as possible.

Create Custom .conf file
- You can include setup.xml in your application. Using it you can create your custom conf and modify it.
- It will be accessible to users from "Manage Apps" page.
- Setup page is useful when you want to customize an app for a particular usage
- You can update the values using the setup page. The values will be saved in local directory of the app

Now, to read the custom conf value, use the below code with your splunk python script,

from splunk.clilib import cli_common as cli
cfg = cli.getConfStanza('custom_conf_file_name','custom_stanza')
print cfg.get('parameter')

Let me know if you have any queries.

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