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Splunk DBX - Java11 Support


Hi All,

As part of system upgrade, we upgraded all oru app servers to java 11. we need to upgrade our Splunk DBX also pointing to Java 11
I tried to change via UI in Settings-General, but it is throwing error

{'jre_using': 'Using Oracle Corporation JRE version 11, Java HotSpot(TM) 64-Bit Server VM', 'jre_need': 'Need Oracle Corporation JRE version 1.8', 'message': 'Unsupported JRE detected'} validate java command: /ngs/app/dsp/tools/CurrentJDK11/bin/java.

When updated in dbx_settings.conf, no error shown, but i am not sure if the Splunk is running in java11.

Kindly help, if Splunk DBX supports java 11 or how can we upgrade to Java11.

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I updated in splunk_app_db_connect\bin\dbx2\ to
JRE_WANT_VERSION = "11", but the error message is gone, but task server is failing to resart.

Any help

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