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SimpleXML: text size of single value element ignores height with version="1.1"


In a single value element, the text size always adjusted dynamically to the element's height. E.g., if you use the mouse to increase the single element's height, the text becomes larger.

However, once you add the tag version="1.1" to the topmost dashboard or form element, the text size is fixed and does not adjust to changing heights any more.


  1. In Splunk's web UI, create a new "classic" dashboard
  2. Add a single value visualization with the following search: index=_internal | timechart count
  3. Use the mouse to make the panel higher
  4. Notice how the single element's font size adjusted to the higher panel (it increased dynamically)
  5. Save the dashboard
  6. Edit the dashboard's source: change <dashboard> to <dashboard version="1.1">
  7. Save the dashboard
  8. Refresh the page (press F5)
  9. The single element's font size is now smaller and it does not adjust to changed heights
  10. Revert the changes in the source, save the dashboard, and refresh the page
  11. The font size is adjusted correctly again

A screen recording is available here:

My test environment:

  • Splunk Enterprise 8.2.1
  • Chrome 92

Update 2021-09-23

  • Still unfixed in Splunk Enterprise
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Splunk Employee
Splunk Employee

Hey @helge - I spoke to the development team and a fix for this has already been merged and should be released with the next Splunk Enterprise and Splunk Cloud releases. 


Hey @thellmann, which version of Splunk Enterprise will the fix be included in? I tested again with the current version it's not fixed there.

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Splunk Employee
Splunk Employee

Hi @helge , the fix is currently planned for Splunk Enterprise v8.3.0, which is tracking release around .conf time. 

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