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Scripted input strange behavior

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Good to all,
I have a strange behavior of a python script. The specific python script collects some AWS data. if I run it as it is, it works nicely. If I run through Splunk's python (bin/splunk python) it also runs. If I schedule it, I get errors related to access to AWS.
Especially with the second try (via Splunk's python) I had the impression that I could "emulate" how it will run when it is going to be enabled but appears that that is not the case.
Is there any other way to troubleshoot this?

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Re: Scripted input strange behavior


Hello @a_naoum

a script running under $SPLUNK_HOME/bin/splunk cmd python should have similar environment as your scheduled script, so probably you run it as a different user (root?).

Use the common way to troubleshoot, just add some print here and there, especially before the code part where AWS request is done, additionally print the raw response.

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