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Scripted Lookup Output and Configuring in Splunk

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Hi all,

Everyone in my organization has a unique username, which I have extracted from my search as "anumber".
I want to construct an external lookup script to convert this "anumber" extraction into human names.

All of these anumbers are convertible via an AD lookup, which I have scripted.

This is basically what I want to achieve, in my fields I want to be able to see both anumber and humanname, for example:

anumber = "a00001"
humanname = "Michael Someone"

I have written a python script which works as follows...

./ a00001


Someone, Michael

Now, two questions...

1) Is this script output okay, or does it need to be formatted differently...?

2) How do I now add this scripted lookup into splunk? (preferably with the GUI, what needs to be done under "Lookups")

Thanks in advance for any help you can provide.


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Re: Scripted Lookup Output and Configuring in Splunk


Here it tells you how to Set up fields lookup based on an external command or script and there is example script.

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