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Running a script on the Search Head initiated from browser


I have a htmn POST I would like to make from the search head when a user clicks on a button in their browser.

Currently, I am creating a search that runs a custom command.  Due to the nature of the issue, a user can generate 200 events in a few seconds.  As you would expect, I am hitting limits all over the place.

I have a .js that builds the Splunk command to call a custom command that does an HTML POST.  I would like to skip Splunk as I can.  The problem I have is the javascript runs on the local web browser and the POST needs to be on the private network that Splunk is on.  I am taking advantage of Splunk's authentication to run the search, so I would like to do the same with a script.

I am presuming this is either built-in and I missed it, or really hard.  Does anyone have any ideas?

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