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Replacement of Django framework & Code changes


Hi there,

Currently I am using an existing Splunk App (from Splunkbase) that was developed using Django web framework. Since Splunk is no longer investing in Django Bindings, and they are recommending that any future development should be done using other features of the Splunk Web Framework, I was wondering if there is any easy way to head-start & replace the django framework with other web framework.

Thanks for your help!


Hello Splunk Gurus, I hope my question is not vague. I just want to replace the django framework dependency from the existing code. What would be the best approach to incorporate JS-like web-framework and reuse the existing code-base. Any pointers to to the sample/example would be great.

Thanks a lot!

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Hi kulsplunk,

Did you find a way for this? I am stuck with same question.Please reply if you were able to get a solution.


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