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Multiple events from same indexed data

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I've written a script that polls a WebApi and after receiving the response streams the data into Splunk to be indexed . The response that is intended to be indexed is a large Json Object with more than 100 keys . I would aspect to see only one event after the script is runned containg the indexed json Object. Instead I see several events with the same timestamp ,each containing s subset of keys from the received Json Object. Is this correct ? Can there be something done so that the entire Json object belongs to the same event ?

I index the data into splunk through the following lines of code :

print jsonObject


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Re: Multiple events from same indexed data


Splunk's default event breaking behaviour unless you specify otherwise is to break into a new event whenever it finds a line with something it recognizes as a timestamp in. You can change this however you want by specifying other event breaking rules in props.conf. You could change the LINE_BREAKER so that Splunk doesn't consider something to be the end of the line unless it specifies your regex. I find this approach can often get messy though, even if it's the best option performance-wise. The other option is to change the line merging options - have a look at BREAK_ONLY_BEFORE_DATE, BREAK_ONLY_BEFORE, MUST_NOT_BREAK_AFTER etc.

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