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Inject click.value to DateTimeRange from chart drilldown

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Hi, I am 1 week old to splunk. Using web-version. Need any generous help please.

I have a chart1 that drills down to a table1, upon clicking, passes the $click.value$ from chart1.

An example of my goal: from chart1, the $click.value$=15, then I want to set the dateTimeRange picker for table1 to 15:00:000 to 16:00:000. Then table1 will filter and only show events between 15-16:00 of a day.

Is above possible please? If yes, could anyone share more information about it please?

If not, then we might have to use query. I checked this example with question id 438520, sorry no enough points to post links..., but since I do not have input boxes as the example does, how do I convert those fields into query please?

Thanks a lot for any help.

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@h52huang, can you check whether your raw events have date_hour field (explore events in verbose mode with streaming command or only base search)? If you have date_hour field this drilldown becomes simple as you can apply base search filter date_hour=15 OR date_hour=16

Also it would be great if you can post your current searches for chart and table.

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