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How to use two copies of Splunk MINT iOS in one application?

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We are developing a closed source SDK for iOS and we would like to use Splunk Mint for analytics, how our implementation is performing etc. Because it's a closed source, the Splunk Mint classes will be buried inside the SDK, definitely not exposed as a public headers.

But what if user of our SDK wants to use Splunk Mint as well? We would like both instances to be completely isolated, don't clash with each other etc.

If Splunk Mint was distributed as an open source code we could easily prefix all the classes, functions, enums, but unfortunately it's not.

Our SDK will be distributed similarly as Splunk Mint is - both independent .framework file and the same framework through Cocoapods.

Any help appreciated.


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Splunk Employee

You can add MINT. If the developer also has MINT, then you will lose the data from that developer.
You will only get data from customers that don't have any similar tool. The second declaration of MINT will catch and display errors.