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How to swap Licenses via CLI?

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I was given a developers license for my home splunk environment. I'm trying to add it via CLI because:

1) I have a separate search head and indexer.

2) I think it's good practice

3) I can't access my indexers web gui for some reason.

I uploaded the license via FTP and ran 'splunk license add Splunk.License' command. But It doesn't appear to show up in the web gui. I'm still showing the Free License, even after switching to enterprise.

What's worse: This error message popped up a few days ago. I'm unable query indexed Data and use my App to run searches (though admittedly the app may be a bit buggy):

"Streamed search execute failed because: Error in 'litsearch' command: Your Splunk license expired or you have exceeded your license limit too many times."

And I have no clue if this license will even resolve this problem.

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Is your search head acting as License server OR indexer?

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Hey tentontitan,

You can refer the link below to add license via CLI:

Also you need to restart after adding license.

Let me know if this helps!!

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