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How to run R code from some other apps


I tried running a script file which i had uploaded on R Project and it is working fine. Now how do or what changes or settings are required to run "|r myscript.r" from other apps in splunk.

Any documentation on same will be highly appreciated.

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use output command in the query. like

source ('cal_segm_pie.r')
output = clus()

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Splunk Employee
Splunk Employee

Have you tries putting...

|r myscript.r

... as searchString of a dashboard panel?

Create a new app, click on dashboards, select one or a new dashboard and finally add a new panel (chart, table, ..) by putting the r command (like above) as search string.

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yes, i tried but it's not working. So ultimately i switched to rpy2 for python to connect with R.

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