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How to install PIP in BeautifulSoup 4?



I want to use [BeautifulSoup 4] in Splunk environment, but how should I do [pip install]?
I tried [PIP], but it seems to have been linked to the python included with Linux,

$ SPLUNK_HOME / bin / splunk cmd python -m pip 
:/opt/splunk/bin/python: No module named pip

Please tell me from PIP install to the introduction of BeautifulSoup4.

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This is the exact use case for an app called PyDen. The app allows you to select alternate versions of Python, create virtual environments, and install modules available from PyPI through pip in search bar (or a nice dashboard).

The only caveat is it only works for Linux hosts who also have the needed packages to compile Python from source with pip.

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Hi @blaku,

Even if you are able to install it in the Splunk's environment it is not upgrade-friendly. You can instead do something explained here - Can I add python modules to the Splunk environment?.

Also, you can bundle your app including the library's source code itself in the APP's bin directory but be sure to look at the library's LICENCE.

Hope this helps.

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