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How to force all users to use en_GB locale by default?


Hi all,

I've been having some issues with users getting confused over the date format that's being used (in this example, someone said we didn't have to worry about something because it wouldn't expire until the 3rd of October, turns out it expired a week ago). To remedy this, I want to force the en-GB locale on every user.

My initial searches turned up these threads:

The first one, replacing en-US with en-GB in the didn't seem to have any effect and I'm very reluctant to do the second change, as I will almost definitely forget to update the html page after every update.

Is there an accepted way of forcing this change upon the users?

Thanks in advance!
Best regards,


Hi! I'm having the same problem. Did you find a way to force the en_gb by default?

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you could try using a reverse proxy to force that url I guess

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