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How to extract the fields from Message in WinEventLog?


We are trying to to extract the fields from Message in WinEventLog in the Avecto data.

The data looks like -


 Process Id: 21592
 Parent Process Id: 24704
 Workstyle: Avecto Defendpoint.Systems Employees
 Application Group: Avecto Defendpoint.Add Admin - Privileged Users - Applications
 Reason: <None>
 File Name: <file name>
 Hash: 4478EBABE67B50EB111D59F95FE029D31329F1FC
 Certificate: <name>
 Description: Command line runner
 Application Type: exe
 Product Name: IntelliJ Platform
 Product Code: <None>
 Upgrade Code: <None>


Each line in Message has a name value pair, separated by a colon.

The documentation at shows -


| makeresults 
| eval test="a$1,b$2"
| rex field=test max_match=0 "((?<field>[^$]*)\$(?<value>[^,]*),?)"


which works.

The similar one I did for Avecto works fine -


index = <avecto index> Message=* 
| rex field=Message max_match=0 "((?<field>.+)\:(?<value>.+),?)" 
| table Message field value


We end up with field a and value, each is a multi-value field.

Is there a way to change so, we'll have multiple fields, each with its own name/value pair, such as Process_Id having 21592 as its value.







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| makeresults 
| eval test="a$1,b$2"
| rex field=test max_match=0 "((?<field>[^$]*)\$(?<value>[^,]*),?)"

| eval fieldvalue=mvzip(field,value,"=")
| mvexpand fieldvalue
| eval field=mvindex(split(fieldvalue,"="),0)
| eval value=mvindex(split(fieldvalue,"="),1)
| eval {field}=value
| fields - field value fieldvalue test

This will create separate events for each field/value pair. If you want to recombine them back to their original events, if you don't already have a field with a unique value in, you could use streamstats to add a row number to the events before the mvexpand, then use a stats command with values(*) as * by row to recombine them.

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