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How many indexer needed for my setup


Hello ,

I have one setup one indexer and one splunk search head.
Indexer has 64 RAM and 16 CPU core and SH as 128 CPU and 32 core.
Indexing per day 25 to 30 GB only. On investigation found all queues for fill ration are full .
What should i do.

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Hi @lmjoin,
RAM and CPUs are OK for your needs, probably the problem is related to the usual bottleneck in Splunk: storage.
As you can read Splunk refence hardware requires at least 800 IOPS (see at ), you can measure IOPS using a tool like Bonnie++ ( ).

Then you could check the load of your indexer using the monitoring console that can give you useful information.


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The processing capacity of the indexer is 300GB / Day.

Assuming that there is no problem with the performance of the hard disk,
The cause of queue clogging may take a long time to process one index.

parallelIngestionPipelines = 2

The workaround is to do multiple processes. However, PS is required for more than 3 multiplexes.

※Run a health check to check for problems.

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An indexer should be able to process way more data before any queues fill up. Take a look into the MC > Indexing > Data Quality dashboard. Do you see timestamping, line breaking or any other issues? You might want to look for any errors and warnings regarding getting your data in and go from there fixing the issues.

Also check whether your server got enough IOPS. Maybe do a test with bonnie++ to see whether you're meeting the 800+ minimum requirements.


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