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Developer Guidance - Setup View Example For Splunk - not working as expected in Firefox


Found an issue with "Developer Guidance - Setup View Example For Splunk", after clicking on "Perform Setup" button I am returned to the "App configuration" in Firefox. The app.conf is correctly updated in local, but still restart is needed to not see the "App configuration".

In Chrome everything is working as expected. 

Any advice on what should be changed in js so that it would work fine also in Firefox.

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Splunk Employee
Splunk Employee

Hi @imrago - thanks for letting us know! There was an issue with how some async code in this example was working in Firefox specifically. Check out an updated, simpler version of this app here: (the weather_app_example specifically - but don't forget to run the make configuration for the entire examples repo) 

You can also refer to our new guide on setup pages on

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