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Determine values for max concurrent historical searches

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Im trying to come up with the values for the amount of max concurrent historical searches because we get the error:

the maximum number of concurrent
historical searches on this instance
has been reached

I know in the limits.conf we can set the values that are used to set the limit:

from splunk docs

max_searches_per_cpu = < int>

The maximum number of concurrent historical searches for each CPU.
The system-wide limit of historical searches is computed as:
max_hist_searches = max_searches_per_cpu x number_of_cpus + base_max_searches
When I check resourse management I dont even see 1 machine with 1% load all are around 0.5%

We have 3 searchheads 2 indexes 1 mgmt.
How should i determine the values for "max_searches_per_cpu " and "base_max_searches" as It seems unnecessary to me that we get errors when our load is so low.

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There is a really good write-up here:

It discusses the pros and cons of quota enforcement by cluster-wide or by member-by-member

Remember that the majority of time spent searching actually happens on the indexers. However the limits are controlled by the specs of the SH boxes. Keep this in mind when adjusting these settings.


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