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Dependent dropdown auto population


Hello All,

I am new to Splunk and JavaScript as well.

I need help to auto-populate the dropdown list value based on other dropdown values selected.

consider, I have 3 fields Country, State, City which are interdependent on each other.

I am able to populate a dynamic dropdown list(for 2 fields like State & City) on the selection of another dropdown (Country).

Now I want to auto-populate values of State and Country on the selection of any City. Values should be directly displayed in the drop-down box. there should not be a need to select it from the dropdown. As for City, State & Country is going to be unique values.

Thanks in Advance!!!

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  <label>multi dynamic select</label>
  <search id="base_csv">
    <query>| inputlookup geo_attr_us_states.csv
| rex field=state_name "(?&lt;Capital&gt;\w)"
  <fieldset submitButton="false">
    <input type="dropdown" token="field1">
      <search base="base_csv">
        <query>| stats values(Capital) as Capital |mvexpand Capital | eval Capital_string=Capital</query>
    <input type="dropdown" token="field2">
      <search base="base_csv">
        <query>| search Capital="$field1$"
| table state_code
| eval state_code_name=state_code</query>
        <search base="base_csv">
          <query>| search state_code="$field2$"</query>

this is sample code.
You can do something like this without using javascript.

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