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Custom search command with python stopped working - not returning ressult



I created a custom search command following the instruction in the page and it was working fine (

however stopped working suddenly.  Tried to put some file creation statement, the files are not created - looks the python program is not running at all.

Python code (C:\Program Files\Splunk\etc\apps\search\bin)

import splunk.Intersplunk

def getShape(text):
phrase1 = "upload"
phrase2 = "TrustedInstaller"
description = []
if (phrase1 in text):
elif (phrase2 in text):
Corpus = pd.read_csv(r"E:\corpus_single.csv",encoding='latin-1')
Corpus.to_csv(r'E:\corpus_func.csv', index = False)
if len(description) == 0
return "normal"
return "_".join(description)


# get the previous search results
results,unused1,unused2 = splunk.Intersplunk.getOrganizedResults()
Corpus = pd.read_csv(r"E:\corpus_single.csv",encoding='latin-1')
Corpus.to_csv(r'E:\corpus_out.csv', index = False)
# for each results, add a 'shape' attribute, calculated from the raw event text
for result in results:
result["assignmentgrp"] = getShape(result["Message"])
# output results


Entry in command.conf

(folder :C:\Program Files\Splunk\etc\apps\search\default)

filename =


Search Query 

source="winlog1.txt" | rex field=_raw "Message: <(?<Message>.*)>" | dedup Message | table Message, getgroup


winlog1.txt sample data - having around 10 records 

2016-09-28 04:30:31, Info Message: <Ending TrustedInstaller initialization.>
2016-09-28 04:30:31, Info Message: <Starting the TrustedInstaller main loop.>
2016-09-28 04:30:31, Info Message: <TrustedInstaller service starts successfully.>
2016-09-28 04:30:31, Info Message: <Initializing online with Windows opt-in: False.>


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Is there anything in C:\Program Files\Splunk\var\log\splunk\python.log ?

Its also worth checking the search log, Inspect your search through Job -> Inspect Job and then click the "search.log" link. 

Does this shine any light on things?



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