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Could not read event: cd=(n/a). Results may be incomplete !

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I'm experiencing this error when I perform some searches on my index,
idx= Could not read event: cd=(n/a). Results may be incomplete ! (logging only the first such error; enable DEBUG to see the rest)

I saw this issue was fixed on 7.0.1 but my instances are on 6.4.8, is there a workaround for this or a way to fix it?

I tried these commands:

splunk fsck scan --all-buckets-all-indexes
splunk fsck repair --all-buckets-all-indexes

But it with no success.

Thanks in advance

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Did you ever get a resolution to this?
I have been getting the same errors when querying some indexes over long periods of time.

I believe we have corrupt buckets, potentially as a result of a stray fsck.
During routine inspeciton of the Indexers I recall seeing a couple of fsck processes not as a child process of splunkd - which seemed very odd.

Running 7.00 - due to upgade to 7.01+ shortly.,

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Hey dd_msearles,

The issue solved itself since the events causing the issue were removed due to my retention time period.

Sorry for not being of great help.


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