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specified a regex without any named capturing group


Hi there,

App Inspect v. 2.4.0.dev13 gives me this failure:

[TRANSFORMS-extract-fields] setting in props.conf specified a regex without any named capturing group. This is an incorrect usage. Please include at least one named capturing group. File: default/props.conf Line Number: 2

The regex affected are:



REGEX = ^.*rsyslogd-pstats\:\sim(?P<protocol>\w+)\W+(?P<port>\d+)\W\:\ssubmitted=(?P<submitted>\d+).*$

REGEX = ^.*rsyslogd-pstats\:\s(?P<queue>[^:]+)\:\ssize=(?P<size>\d+)\senqueued=(?P<enqueued>\d+)\sfull=(?P<full>\d+)\sdiscarded\.full=(?P<discarded_full>\d+)\sdiscarded\.nf=(?P<discarded_nf>\d+)\smaxqsize=(?P<maxqsize>\d+).*$


How could I pass validation? I need to deploy this app on Splunk Cloud.

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