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How the Splunk APIs deal with files

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Hi Everyone,

I am new to Splunk Cloud App development. I have got some Splunk Cloud warning messages after AppInspect from Splunk Cloud Team, which are mostly related to manage file access in Python code. After I searched the document and Google, I came out a way but not sure if it works. Could anyone point me out if the follwoing way works to avoid the warning message?

    from splunk.clilib.bundle_paths import make_splunkhome_path
except ImportError:
    from splunk.appserver.mrsparkle.lib.util import make_splunkhome_path

_file = make_splunkhome_path(["var", "log", "splunk", log_file_name])
with open(_file, 'w') as filehandler:
    filehandler.write("content need to write to file")


FYI, the warning messages were refering the "Method used to write/manipulate/remove to/from files outside of the app dir".



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This is one of the limitations of AppInspect.  Such warnings are supposed to be resolved during manual inspection by Splunk.

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