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default splunk password(changes) will store in splunk 8.0

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Hi Team,

I am working in multisite cluster enviroment. we need to perform certificate renewals with 21 passphrase key.

Same passphrase we are using in all server.conf file across the multisite cluster. 

during cluster restart, we come across " Master node down" found in serverd.log file and unable to progress.

during investigation found, [general] stanza passphrase is encrypted  valued of changeme is coming up

instead of  encrypted value of 21 passphrase key and

[clustering] stanza passphrase is encrypted value of 21 passphrase key is coming up.

To make cluster to work as is, i think  we need to over write default password (i.e. changeme) in server.conf with custom password (i.e. 21 passphrase key) but currently not happening.

We need to complete certificates renewals prior to 30/10/2021.

This is its bit urgent. any help would be appreciated.

Many Thanks


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Did you miss .conf21 Virtual?

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