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certificated mismatch


Hi, I have one search head(ver 4.1.4) and two index servers(4.1.4) , when I do search , sometimes I got an error message "Unable to distribute to peer named splunk_index01 at url because peer has status=Certificate Mismatch" , but sometimes it works fine (with no error message, and I can see search results correctlly )

All three servers have "enableSplunkSSL=false" (server.conf)

Any idea about it ? thanks.

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Splunk Employee
Splunk Employee

Do you require disabling ssl? This configuration is vastly less tested.

If we produce this message for SSL-disabled systems, that is in and of itself a bug. We should work this problem with support.


Hi Jrodman,

yes , we set "enableSplunkSSL=false" (server.conf) to improve replication speed.

I will file a support case, thanks

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