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Whats the suggested way of licensing a test/development environment?


Whats the suggested method to maintain a test/development environment in parallel to his production environment if the developer licence does no longer support clustering/search head clusters?

Deploying updates without testing them excessivly in our test environment is an absolute no-go.

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Splunk Employee
Splunk Employee

There are two types of developer licenses that can be used for non-production development and testing use cases:

50GB Personalized Dev/Test licenses are available to users associated with accounts with a paid Splunk Enterprise or Splunk Cloud license of any size and can be requested here: . These licenses do not allow clustering, among other restrictions.

10GB Developer licenses are available to everyone and can be requested using this form: . These licenses have a lower ingest volume, but have fewer feature restrictions.

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I am using a DEV licens and I am also using it as a dev before going into production.
I am using SH-Cluster, and mine is working.
When did this stop?
In the readme faq, it only says limited usage and.

  • Support for one authenticated account
  • Single node
  • No clustering

- No distributed search


We are using our DEV licens to test new apps agains our DEV Cluster.
Before making changes in Production.
Wil the support for clustering in DEV end?

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use your dev as a license slave to your prod license master
carve a small license pool and call it ... lets say: "dev"

hope it helps

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