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What should be the homePath.maxDataSizeMB in relation to the maxDataSize?

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Hello -

I am getting the following warning:

"IndexConfig - Home path size limit cannot accomodate maximum number of hot buckets with specified bucket size because homePath.maxDataSizeMB is too small. Please check your index configuration: idx=someidx maxDataSize=1000 MB, homePath.maxDataSizeMB=1000 MB"

What should be the homePath.maxDataSizeMB in relation to the maxDataSize?

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homePath.maxDataSizeMB is the size of hot and warm buckets combined; maxDataSize is hot only.

If you set them equal there is no space for warm buckets. homePath.maxDataSizeMB should be greater than maxDataSize (not sure if this is the case with maxWarmDBCount == 0 though), but in general you will have warm buckets so it should be larger to accommodate the size of hot and warm buckets.

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Thanks! Increasing the homePath.maxDataSizeMB fixed getting the warning on most of my indexes.

I have one index which has a rather large maxDataSize. I set the homePath.maxDataSizeMB to 3.9 times the size of the maxDataSize and still get the warning. Is there a recommended way of calculating what homePath.maxDataSizeMB should be?

Thank you in advance.

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I assume that homePath.maxDataSizeMB has to be proportional to maxTotalDataSizeMB which is the maximum index size, with its default of about 1/2 TB.

The following can help - Configure maximum index size

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