Deployment Architecture

What is the process and the effect of changing the `shcluster_label` parameter in `server.conf` in a search head cluster (SHC)?


If there is a SHC whose shcluster_label is my_old_shc and I want to change it to my_new_shc, how would I change it so that the SHC doesn't break on me?

My idea would be to run splunk edit shcluster-config -shcluster_label my_new_shc on all of the search head cluster members then also running the same command on the deployer. After that, I restart all of the search head cluster members and the deployer. Does that sound right?

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Yes, or if you are admining your cluister correctly, you can change it in server.conf and push that out everywhere. In any case, the label is just that: a label. It isn't used for anything really, so changing it is very, very low risk.

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