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Under what configuration file and stanza do I configure CMConfig - multisite=[true|false]?


Every 5 seconds on my deployment server (in a clustered environment), I get this in splunkd.log:

WARN CMConfig - multisite=[true|false] missing from this stanza. Assuming this isn't multisite

I realize it's not a problem per se, but I'd like to add 'multisite = false' in the appropriate stanza in the appropriate config file. I tried adding the following to the $SPLUNK_HOME/etc/system/local/server.conf:

multisite = false

but that didn't help. Any suggestions please? Wait for 6.2? Note: my Cluster Master is a separate server, and it does not display this message in its splunkd.log.


I was getting this error on my 7.1.7 Search Head cluster, which is connected to multiple index clusters. I was able to eliminate it by editing server.conf:

multisite = false
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Neither of these solutions solved my problem, however this link showed that I should put the multisite = false in the clustermaster:somesite stanza

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I got this error when I added site=site1 but did not restart my Search Head. Try a restart and it should work.

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Splunk Employee

any luck w

site = default

(default if ur not using multisite)

I remember this was a typo for searchheads (they would complain about 'multisite' but what they meant to complain about was 'site')

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I just tried doing this and it didn't help.

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