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Splunk enterprise standalone search head to point another splunk enterprise standalone indexer



We want to add Q server to our development activities, where we used to have only one server earlier,  which is enterprise standalone splunk instance, to be little precise i name it as 'A' which is also the production one. Now we have to maintain P and Q server separately for production and testing.

Current splunk enterprise instance  'A'  is a standalone and we continue with the production activities on it. But. to have Q server live. we have to move the Apps and data (A/Production server) in index to Q server for testing.

Before migrating, i was trying to point splunk enterprise Q server's(B instance) search head to splunk enterprise P server's(A instance) indexer. As this could make our Q server availability in a faster way.

Enterprise standalone splunk Q(B) search head -> Enterprise standalone  splunk P(A) indexer

It could be great, if i was guided to configure the above one or any directions in terms of distributed or indexer clustering,or adding peers.

Advance thanks.

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If I read your post correctly, I think you would need to implement multi-site clustering to achieve your goal.

See the following documentation to configure a search head (or SHC) across two or more sites:


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