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Splunk Universal Forwarder Data Recovery Following a Network Issue

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Just wondering if anyone has encountered the following issue.

I want to setup a distributed Splunk environment consisting of one indexer and multiple forwarders, let's say 6. The forwarders will be installed on a different network and must pass through a firewall in order to contact the indexer. If, for some reason, the network drops and the forwarders are unable to contact the indexer, what happends in this case?

-Do the forwarders stop sending data immediately?

-Will I lose some data from the files that the forwarders are monitoring?

-Is there a clean and elegant way to synchronize the files being monitored by the forwarders and the events on the indexer?

I am trying to setup Splunk on a production environment and having all of the events produced on the servers is crucial.

Has anyone had a similar issue and found a reliable solution?

Any help would be greatly appreciated!


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Splunk operates over TCP, so you don't lose data, although if your network outage lasts a long time you can find it starts chewing through memory. Once the connection restores it will eventually catch up automatically (provided it has the bandwidth).

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Is this information taken from the splunk documentation ?

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