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Splunk 6.4 Heavy Forwarder system hardware (CPU/MEM/DISK) requirement when only used for DB2 connect

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Hi all,
We have to use one of the server running another PROD application for installing Splunk Heavy Forwarder.
This HF will only used for DB2 connect. Database have high ratio of transactions per minute.
Please share the CPU/MEM/DISK Splunk HF will consume from shared infrastructure.

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Splunk Employee
Splunk Employee
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Thanks Sjohnson for the reply. However I am still searching for the initial hardware requirement (CPU?MEM?DISK?).

I found below from when HF will be used with full capability. But I am going to install only DB2 connect on this HF, no parsing, indexing. So below configuration is far more than reality.

Does anyone has configured HF in this way?

Heavy Forwarder Intel 64-bit chip architecture
4 CPUs, 2 cores per CPU, at least 2 Ghz per core
2 x 300 GB, 10,000 RPM SAS hard disks, configured in RAID 1
Standard 1Gb Ethernet NIC, optional 2nd NIC for a management network
Standard 64-bit Linux or Windows distribution

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