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Search Head Cluster - default.old directories


Everytime I change something and deploy an app change to the SH cluster, I'm left with default.old.<date> folders that are being replicated to the indexers and thus polluting disk space.

Any way to limit the retention on these dir's?

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Splunk Employee
Splunk Employee

This issue is a known bug and will be getting fixed in 6.6 Version of Splunk release.


Is there a setting i splunk to limit how many generations of these to keep?
Or a setting for how old backup directories to keep?

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I guess, the question is: is it safe/when is it safe to prune the older directories? are they only some sort of "backups" or are they used actively during replication for comparison purposes?

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You mean that the default.old. folders are being replicated to the search heads not to the indexers

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