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Migrate specific Indexes from Index cluster to new Index cluster


HI Team,

Today we have a 4 index cluster and we want to create a separate index cluster that does not share configurations or index definitions and have our SHC communicate with both.


  • We would like to migrate a handful of indexes + their buckets from the current index cluster to this new index cluster. 
  • Once migrated, the handful of indexes will be purged from the old index cluster.  

I see documentation stating SHC can communicate with 2 different index clusters but would my setup require 2 CMs?

  1.  The indexed data & definitions are completely different between index clusters
  2.  Manager node wouldn't be able to deploy different  master / slave apps to each index cluster.  

Wondering if this type of setup is supported and if there are any strategies to perform the migration tasks?

Thank you in advance

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Using several IDX clusters from one SHC  is doable and supported configuration. You need two separate CM one for each cluster.

Migrating indices and buckets from one cluster to another can be do, but there is something what need to fulfill to get it work. Much easier is if you could start data collection from scratch in the new cluster and let those old indexes frozen after retention period. If this is not an option I think that it’s better to ask help e.g. splunk PS or some local splunk partner.

r. Ismo

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