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Is there a way for a deployment server app update to trigger IndexWriter for new indexes


Usually we manage our indexes with an app deployed via deployment server. Although these indexes appear to be created (ie splunk show indexes will report the index is there), the actual index creation does not occur until the indexer is restarted - which is a pain. We recently moved to an index cluster for some of our indexers. Pushing a new index via the configuration bundle triggers the IndexWriter process immediately, and no restart is required!

Does anyone know if there is a way to get the deployment server to do this as well?

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Afraid not. However, if you want to avoid a restart, once the configs have made their way to the indexer, you can run the following:

./splunk reload index

And the indexer should pick it up. This will have to be run on all of the indexers.

Edit: You may want to look at the issueReload = true | false option for serverclass.conf. I believe this is new as of 6.4, but according to its description:

* If true, triggers a reload of internal processors at the client when a member app or a directly configured app is updated
* If you don't want to immediately start using an app that is pushed to a client, you should set this to false.
* defaults to false

I haven't tested it personally, so I'm not sure if it will achieve what you are looking for.

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