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Indexed data till date with no access on license master.


Hi All,

I'm stuck in a situation where i believe i would need your help.

I need to get total indexed data per index till date. My splunk instance(indexer+SH) is a salve to license master pool located in some other country. I don't have access on license_usage.log file in cluster master as forwarding data from that country to our country is against Government Rules.

So, There's no outputs.conf file configured on license master and we cannot do it either.

Is there a way to know total data indexed per index till date.

Please help.

I'll be thankful to you!

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Do you have a monitoring console?
Do you have gui access to the license master?
Is your searchhead and license master are search peers?

You can try to use rest commands for example:
| rest /services/licenser/pools

Or you can check this reference

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Hi @jarizeloyola,

Yes we do have GUI monitoring console.
We don't have any access to GUI of license master.

In GUI monitoring console, when we see disk usage - it shows 409 GB around and when we see size of indexes for today 390GB.

and there's no change in config files ans still we can see that disk usage is increasing day by day 1 to 2 GB while size of indexes remains same almost. Could you help here and let me know what would be issue?

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