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How to write a search to get total license warning?

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Hope you are doing good..

I'm having a small query I want to check my license warning on my splunk with date I.e. On 26th of September we received 1 license warning.

I'm using the below query to get the total license warming I have on my splunk till now 

| rest splunk_server=local /services/licenser/slaves | mvexpand active_pool_ids | where warning_count>0 | eval pool=active_pool_ids | join type=outer pool [rest splunk_server=local /services/licenser/pools | eval pool=title | fields pool stack_id] | eval in_violation=if(warning_count>4 OR (warning_count>2 AND stack_id=="free"),"yes","no") | fields label, title, pool, warning_count, in_violation | fields - _timediff | rename label as "Slave" title as "GUID" pool as "Pool" warning_count as "Hard Warnings" in_violation AS "In Violation?"

Kindly guide me how can I get the license warning with date.




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Hi @debjit_k,

if you go in [Settings -- License] you have all the information about the license warnings and the license consuption day by day.

You can access these information on the License Master.

if you cannot access it you can use the Monitoring Console.

A search like the one you shared is useful, but I hint to start from the Splunk GUI features.



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