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How to dynamically change the span parameter in bucket without using drop down options.

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I have a search like this:

index=* source=*|....| bucket Time span=(1d/1h/5m)...| 
if I select last one month from time picker, span would auto change as 1d ..bucket Time span=1d in query
if I select last one day from time picker, span would auto change as 1h ..bucket Time span=1h in query.
if I select last one hour from time picker, span would auto change as 5m ..bucket Time span=5m in query.

A condition is that I can't use drop down for span....but timepicker for selecting for date and time.

can anyone help me on this query

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<fieldset submitButton="true" autoRun="true">
<input type="time" token="time_tok" searchWhenChanged="false">
<label>select a time range</label>
<condition match="relative_time(now(), $time_tok.latest$) - relative_time(now(), $time_tok.earliest$) >= 86400">
<set token="stok">1h</set>
<condition match="relative_time(now(), $time_tok.latest$) - relative_time(now(), $time_tok.earliest$) >= 3600">
<set token="stok">5m</set>
<condition match="relative_time(now(), $time_tok.latest$) - relative_time(now(), $time_tok.earliest$) >= 2629743">
<set token="stok">1d</set>
<query>index=_internal sourcetype=splunkd group=pipeline | timechart span=$stok$ count by group</query>


@sbbadri - Order of the first two is reversed. You need to test 3600 before you test 86400.


@karthikeyan_k14, just FYI, if you use timechart first two should default span to what your are looking. Only for the third one it will be 1m by default not 5m.

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