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How to add custom filed to input.config,Hoe to add custom field to input.config



I have 3 servers (one for each env) , each of the server forward data to the same index. I want to create a search that filter event according to the custom field that in this case represents the environment (prod/test/dev). I found in the documentation that I can override host, source and sourcetype, but I do not want to override, I want to add new information.

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I am trying to add a custom field to the forwarder and the field need to be searchable. I found that I can only override host, index source and sourcetype and I don't want to override them
My motivation is that I have data from 3 environments (i.e. 3 different forwarders) going to the same index, I want to create a search using the custom field to filter event according to the environment

How can I add a custom field to input.config?

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@moradato, if you have three different servers sending data, then by searching with host= should be enough for you to filter the environment. Is there any specific reason you want to have a different field? If you are looking for readability, then create a field in search using eval env=case(host="your dev machine","dev",....etc)

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