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How to Install 2 version of DB Connect in the same instance?


Hi Splunkers ,

As the Subject mentions , I want to run 2 version of Splunk DB connect on the same instance .
Existing : 3.5.0 >> want to move to 3.13.0 (latest)

I am not able to rename and keep both of them side by side , the UI doesn't load .

Is there a way this can be achieved ?

UseCase : To migrate the connections / identities from one to another in a phased process .
There was  failed DBconnect upgrade due to which i had to restore old DB connect and this is the way we have decided if it can be achieved .

In general any app should be able to do this , do let me know if you guys have a solution !

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is it possible to install temporary another HF on same node with different ports (e.g. copy current directory to new one and change ports etc)? That will allow you to run both on same node. But you really need to ensure that you change all ports to a new one including internal hec and also it’s ending side too.

To be honest I suppose that installing clean version to another node and do a migration to it one by one could be easier choice!

r. Ismo

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