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How does the frozen bucket work exactly?



So I have frozenTimePeriodInSecs=10368000 in my indexes.conf. That is 120 days old. Yet i have data going back more than 120 days. When does Splunk run its process to purge this data?

Guess I assumed a nightly job checked for old data and dumped it.

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Refer to Freeze data when it grows too old in the Set a retirement and archiving policy page

You can use the age of data to determine when a bucket gets rolled to frozen. When the most recent data in a particular bucket reaches the configured age, the entire bucket is rolled. 

In other words the entire bucket has to be past that date, a bucket may contain 1 hour of data, it might contain data over a 3 week period, either way it cannot freeze until the most recent data is past the frozenTimePeriodInSecs

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Splunk Employee

This is on a per index basis. It's possible you have other indexes that don't roll after 120 days.

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hi @daniel333,

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