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How can I get the shc status from the deployer



We have a SHC setup in our private cloud. So, picture servers going in/out/down/up... without the Splunk admin's typically knowing.

We want to push out apps via Jenkins, but in order to do that, the apply command needs to know at least one server that is up and running. I assumed that the deployer would have access to the status of the cluster, but "show shcluster-status" command does not work from there. Is there anyway for the deployer to know the status of the shc? Seems kind of silly to me that there isn't a way to determine the status from the deployer, since in today's world, the status of those servers could change quickly. Thoughts?

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According to the documentation, you can only check status through one of the members. So it appears the automation you would want requires a remote call to the SHC url to check status before executing it's apply.

At the very least, you should be in a good position to have the automation (Jenkins) place the config on the Deployer and then a separate scheduled task for the apply. You may have done this already but figured I'd highlight it.

Sounds like you have a good feature request idea though...Wanna submit it so it shows customer demand?

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You can setup DMC on your deployer and can see SHCluster status from there.

A full documentation on DMC is available here:

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