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How can I find out which apps and add-ons support Search Head Clustering?

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Hi Splunkers,

I have to implement Search Head Clustering (SHC) on my 4 search heads. I have a lot of apps and add-ons installed on one of the search heads which are heavily used and I'm not sure which add-ons out of these support SHC. I have few doubts below:-
1. How to identify if a certain app/add-on supports SHC?
2. What happens to the kvstores once i implement SHC?
3. What is the difference between a deployer and a deployment server?

Some of the apps I have are :-
Splunk Add-on Builder
Splunk App for CEF (Because of this app's support not there in SHC, we had to rollback the clustering changes last time)
Splunk App for ServiceNow
Splunk Add-on for Cisco ASA
Splunk Add-on for Cisco ISE
Splunk Add-on for CyberArk
Splunk Add-on for NetFlow (SplunkTAflowfix)
Splunk Add-on for Microsoft SQL Server
Splunk Add-on for Unix and Linux
Splunk Add-on for Oracle Database
Splunk Add-on for ServiceNow
Splunk Add-on for Symantec Endpoint Protection
Splunk Add-on for Microsoft Windows
Splunk for Palo Alto Networks

Can someone please help or share his/her experience on this?

Thanks in advance guys.

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Re: How can I find out which apps and add-ons support Search Head Clustering?


Hi rahuljasrotia
1. on each app / add-on you can check details or on splunkbase or on README file and see whether they support SHC. for example the Splunk Add-on for Cisco ASA docs:
will recommend also to check where do you need to install the app / add-on
2. regarding KV Store, this link will help
3. Deployment Server is a Splunk instance that sends configurations to forwarders (and or other splunk instances) Deployer controls the Search Head Cluster apps distribution - sends apps to members of the cluster. more about the deployer here:
hope it helps

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