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How can I add Search head to Search Peer to ClusterMaster via .conf or CLI?


How can I add Search head to Search Peer to ClusterMaster via .conf or CLI ?

I have standalone SH (no shclustering) and ClusterMaster(2 slaves,idxclustering). I want to enable distributed monitoring console on Cluster Master, but there is no search head available.

I read that I have to add it manually. Like:

Is it correct? There is no search head discovery like index discovery or peer discovery in clustering?

Is possible to add it via GUI. With uri and admin credentials. I am I right that this is only for getting certificates for authentication?
So credentials are used one time?

I want to do this without credentials. Is there any pass4symm or any better way to do this?

I know that I have to add to distsearch.conf on CM this:

servers = https://head:8089

But how Can I pass auth info?


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You will need to point the Search Head to Master Node. Search Head will discover the Search Peer via Master Node. You do not need to add Search Peer in Search Head.

If you want to do it via Web Console, do this on the Search Head.

If you want to do it via CLI, follow these steps on Search Head.
"Integrate with a single-site indexer cluster"

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This is the correct documentation to add an indexer cluster to search head

There are both options GUI and CLI

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Are you sure?
This ( ) is something else than this ( )

I have searchhead connected to idxcluster in clustering section, but cluster maste = monitonig console does not see searchhead, unit I add searchhead as searchpeer. I dont know if it right or not.

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